The Basics

Are you local?

Yes. We produce 90% of our products in house. We have (2) 54'' Wide Format printers, a laminator, and (2) 54'' plotters. These machines do the bulk of the work. We have partnerships to ensure fair prices for anything we may not be able to do in house.

What about setup?

We have an in house graphic designer who can ensure you get a professional looking sign every time. If you have print ready artwork, all the better! You can email your artwork to use directly and get your sign even sooner!

How long will it take?

With 2 in house printers, we can make most signs in 1-2 days. Larger orders can take a little bit longer. Need it today before closing? Give us a call, we always work with clients to meet deadlines and with a name like Kwik Signs, we'd better be good at that!

Some of our work